Regional Manager - Industrial Hygiene Services

Mr. Krupp is a Senior Project Consultant at PM Environmental, Inc and has served clients in over 14 states since 2003. He specializes in Asbestos and Lead Assessments and Management  Services,  Property  Condition  Assessments,  Capital  Needs  Assessments, Building Science and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments. He has managed numerous  large  scale  commercial  decommissioning  projects,  hundreds  of multi-family  redevelopment  projects  managing  asbestos  and  lead  concerns,  and conducted technical report development for Capital Needs Assessment Portfolios. His recent focus includes serving commercial property developers, architects and engineers.

Areas of expertise

  • Experienced in PCNA’s for HUD/FHA (MAP & M2M) projects.
  • Prepared PCA’s of commercial real estate assets including: low, mid, and highrise office and residential structures, regional shopping malls, hotels, and industrial manufacturing and warehouse facilities. Assessments conducted using a variety of commercial underwriting protocols including Freddie Mac.
  • Project investor and manager of Federal HUD LBP Inspections, Risk Assessment, and abatement projects of single and multi-family residential housing.
  • Implementation  of  various  site  assessment  standards,  professional  protocol and commercial lending requirements (ASTM E-1527 and ASTM E-1528).
  • Project  investigator  and  manager  of  hazardous  material  survey  projects  for facility renovation and demolition projects.
  • Project  consultant  and  manager  of  Facility  Decommissioning  and  Demolition projects including development of project technical specification manuals, contracts, oversight monitoring, and project closeout reporting.
  • Management  and  preparation  of  Asbestos  Surveys,  O&M  Programs,  Project Abatement Designs, and abatement project monitoring.
  • Project  manager  for  radon  assessment  and  mitigation  projects  involving  the use of building foundation depressurization systems.
  • Developed internal health and safety programs for consultants and contractors involved in construction and emergency response professions.

Farris State University B.S. Industrial Hygiene

Accredited Asbestos Inspector and Management Planner State of Michigan No. A33181
Licensed Lead Inspector, Risk Assessor State of Michigan No. P-5215
Certified Asbestos Hazard Evaluation Specialist State of Ohio No. ES35387
Registered Professional Hygienist with Association of Professional Industrial Hygienists Chattanooga, Tennessee No. 10200311

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 40-hour Safety Training
NIOSH 582 Air Monitoring Certification
NIOSH 582 Asbestos Airborne Fiber/Dust Analysis Certificate
Michigan Association of Environmental Professionals 4-hour Mold Inspection Course
Environmental Microbiology Lab Mold, Allergens, Sampling and Data Interpretation Training
ASHRAE Mold in building Environmental Seminar and Training
Niton X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrum Analyzer Couse

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