Regional Manager - Brownfield Group / Senior Geologist

Mr. Hargraves is a Regional Brownfield Group Manager and Senior Project Geologist at PM Environmental, Inc. and has served clients in over 15 states since 1989.  He specializes in Environmental Due Diligence, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Remediation, Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST), Brownfield Redevelopment, and Grants/Alternate Funding Sources. Mr. Hargraves oversees multiple EPA Brownfield Grants for governmental entities in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. His recent focus includes serving commercial/industrial clients, real estate and financial clients, governmental agencies, and developers.

Areas of expertise

  • Senior technical oversight of UST/AST releases within trust fund programs in Southeastern United States.
  • Preparation of remedial action reports for soil and remediation systems.
  • Project Manager for $400,000 Brownfield Assessment Grant Program for mid-size City in Alabama.  Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments conducted on foundry, railroad depot, and other commercial/industrial/petroleum facilities.
  • UST Closure supervisor, site characterization, initial remediation, remediation design, remediation system maintenance and sit monitoring.
  • Prepared UST Compliance Program, including facility inspections, inventory calculations, vapor monitoring, and data reduction.
  • Familiar with procedures for tank trust fund and dry cleaner trust fund reimbursement in many southeastern states.
  • Managed state department of transportation contract for right of way assessments and remediation (Phase I, Phase II and Phase III).
  • State consultant for assessment and cleanup of facilities in federal lust-trust funding programs.
  • Managed state superfund contract involving site characterization, initial remediation, remediation design, remediation system maintenance and site monitoring involving PCE, TCE and Metals.
  • Conducted UST and AST Closures of fuel oil, diesel, and waste water tanks at railroad facilities.
  • Plume delineation for toluene release at paint formulating facilities.
  • Plume delineation for pesticide release.
  • Lead field geologist for plume delineation of release requiring Level B protection.
  • Experience with witness testimony involving releases of petroleum and risk to local receptors.
  • Project oversight of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments throughout southeastern United States.
  • Project Manager for SPCC Plan preparation for multiple fuel storage and maintenance facilities in West Tennessee and North Alabama.


Tennessee Technological University B.S. Geology


Professional Geologist State of Tennessee No. 4116
Professional Geologist State of Alabama No. 701
Registered Professional Geologist State of Georgia No. 1948
Professional Geologist State of Florida No. 2541
Registered Professional Geologist State of Mississippi No. 772
Professional Geologist State of South Carolina No. 2557
Professional Geologist State of North Carolina No. 2242


OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 40-hour Safety Training
OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 8-hour Annual Refresher Safety Training
Meets the definition of Environmental Professional as defined in § 312.10 of 40 CFR 312

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