LEED & Green Building Support Services

PM Environmental can manage the entire LEED process for your project or support your design team in strategic areas:

  •     LEED Feasibility Studies & Sustainability Goal Selection
  •     Eco Charrette Facilitation (Holistic Design Process)
  •     Sustainable Architectural Design Review
  •     LEED Documentation
  •     Energy Modeling
  •     Building Commissioning
  •     Indoor Air Quality Testing

Is your organization pursuing LEED Certification for a project and you need a LEED Accredited Professional to manage the process?  Does your organization already possess the in-house capacity to coordinate LEED and green building projects but you’re your finding that staff members are becoming overwhelmed with projects or simply lack knowledge or experience in a particular area?  PM can support your team whether you need assistance managing an entire LEED project or documenting a single credit, plug PM in where you need us, when you need us.

LEED Feasibility Studies & Sustainability Goal Selection

PM’s team of LEED Accredited Professionals can help determine if your project is a good candidate for achieving LEED Certification in any of the LEED brands and advise on deficiencies that need correction before spending time and money pursuing Certification.

Our professionals will work with your design team to develop cost-effective and practical strategies that will keep your organization on track for LEED Certification.

Eco Charrette Facilitation (Holistic Design Process)

It has been proven that the most cost effective way to build green buildings is with a holistic design process.  But what is a holistic design process?  Architectural design has typically been a very linear process; the Architect completes his work then hands the drawings off to Structural and Mechanical Engineers and then off to specialty consultants.  Including consultants late in the design process hampers the ability to make any meaningful changes.  However, if you bring all of the stakeholders together at the very beginning of the design process and set common goals, the entire team can be working toward a cost-effective green building.  Cost tradeoffs can be discussed and taken into consideration very easily.  For instance, if the thermal envelope of the building is designed to be more insulated and efficient, heating and cooling equipment can be downsized. 

PM’s team of Architects and Engineers know the value of the holistic design process and can facilitate coordinating your design team to bring out creativity and cost-effective green buildings.

Sustainable Architectural Design Review

Regardless if a green building certification path is chosen, any building project can benefit from a review by trained sustainability professionals who can offer suggestions to improve your buildings overall design.  PM’s Architects and Engineers can review your design team’s plans and make suggestions for sustainable features, energy efficiency, thermal bridging, air barrier details, and more.

LEED Documentation & Consulting

Whether you need us to help with documenting one credit or manage the entire process, PM will help you achieve your LEED and green building certification goals.  PM’s team of professionals can assist with any of the following:

  •     Providing project guidance and training for LEED team members
  •     Sustainable goal selection and LEED path planning
  •     Coordinate LEED team and documentation efforts
  •     Document specific credits or the entire LEED project
  •     Be a resource for the project team for sample documents, templates, etc.
  •     Provide support services including; Energy Modeling & Building Commissioning
  •     Hold LEED team meetings to coordinate documentation process
  •     Submit LEED documentation to the USGBC and interpret responses

Energy Modeling & Simulation

Our team of Energy Engineers understands the complex interactions between the thermal envelope and building energy systems and simulates energy use with an integrated whole-building energy model.  If implemented early enough in the design process, the energy model can be used as a design tool by the Architects and Engineers to help make educated decisions regarding trade offs in the building envelope and systems.

PM uses building energy analysis software including DOE-2, eQuest, and Trane Trace.  We have the ability to work from existing 2D or 3D drawings or BIM files such as Revit and others.  Our Energy Engineers create simulations of building designs using the most appropriate tool for the project conditions.

For LEED projects, PM complies with ASHRAE’s Appendix G energy modeling guidelines required by the USGBC.  This process involves created a baseline model based on minimum ASHRAE 90.1 code standards and a design case (proposed conditions) model and are compared for energy savings.  Let PM’s Energy Engineers work with your team to create the most energy-efficient and cost-effective project that meets your particular needs.

Building Commissioning

PM’s team of experienced LEED commissioning experts can support your next LEED project.  

Indoor Air Quality Testing

The IEQ 3.2 Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan credit allows for air quality testing in lieu of doing an air flush out of contaminates.  PM’s team of Industrial Hygienists can provide the necessary air testing required when time for a full flush out is not an option.  Testing follows LEED protocols and is for conformance with acceptable levels of Formaldehyde, Particulates, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), 4-Phenylcyclohexene (4-PCH), and Carbon Monoxide (CO).  Air samples are collected from the breathing zone at a height of three to six feet above the finish floor over a minimum period of four hours.

 PM can assist with pre-occupancy indoor air quality testing by:

  • Conducting a pre-occupancy meeting with relevant contractors to discuss testing procedure and work items that will affect the testing results
  • Pre-testing to determine preliminary results
  • Consultation with HVAC and controls contractor on flush out programming before testing procedure
  • Testing of required areas to determine final results for USGBC recording
  • Lab analysis of samples with report of results
  • Consultation with the group responsible for LEED template submittal on results or template submittal as required by the team

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