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2017 Archive

Feb 2

PM Environmental Expands Brownfield and Economic Incentive Team

PM Environmental continues to grow and strengthen its Brownfield and Economic Incentive team, and recently hired Corey Levin as Brownfield and Economic Incentives Staff Consultant. ...

Jan 31

John Hargraves Participates in ICSC Mississippi Brownfields Event

Developing a brownfield property in Mississippi has a better payback than most investments. That's right, the Mississippi Redevelopment Act offers a tax rebate of 2 1/2 times your...

Jan 20

New Law Will Simplify Approval Process for Brownfield Funding

A group of six bills – Senate Bill 908 through 913 (SB 908-913) – were signed by Governor Rick Snyder on Jan. 5. They will take effect on April 4, 2017.

The new bills will improve...

Jan 13

PM Environmental Welcomes Curtis Lichy as Regional Retail Petroleum Services Manager

PM Environmental is proud to announce the addition of Curtis (Curt) Lichy, P.G., as Regional Retail Petroleum Services Manager. 

Located in Berkley, Mich., Lichy will be...

Jan 11

PM Environmental Client Awarded $200,000 for Brownfields Area-Wide Planning (BF AWP) Grant

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that it awarded a $200,000 Brownfields Area-Wide Planning (BF AWP) Grant to a PM Environmental client.

BF AWP Grants...

Jan 4

PM Environmental Completes Preliminary Work on Renovation of Michigan’s Largest Bridge

A major overhaul of Michigan’s largest bridge is currently underway, and PM Environmental was a big part of the preliminary work. 

PM completed the Preliminary Site Investigation...