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April 7, 2010
Sep 25

Don’t Let These Three Mistakes Impede Your Facility Consolidation and Expansion Projects

Many hospitals have undertaken significant expansion and renovation projects as they prepare for an uptick in patient volumes in the coming years.  In 2016, the top five expansion and...

Sep 19

Surprises Down Below: Discovering Uncontrolled Fill Can Cause Problems for Developers

Materials from demolished structures are frequently left in the basement to be built over, potentially causing problems for developers

Detroit is running the...

Aug 23

Development Series: Standard vs Equity Property Condition Assessment (PCA) Report

If you’re making a significant investment on a piece of property, you will likely want to know if the HVAC will stop working in a year, or if the roof will need replacing in five, or if...

Jun 28

How long is my Phase I ESA, Transaction Screen or BEA good for?

Duration of Reports & Validity of Environmental Due Diligence Reports

In an ideal world, environmental due diligence reports would be like honey or soy sauce and...

Mar 29

Quick take: How will the proposed changes to the EPA and rollback of regulations by the Trump administration affect Environmental Due Diligence?

Three of PM Expert's give a quick take on whether the proposed changes to the EPA and rollback of regulations by the Trump administration will affect Environmental Due Diligence.

Mar 8

Michigan LUST Owner/Operator’s (O/O) can expect faster release closures with Senate Bill 717

Senate Bill 717 was recently approved by the governor on December 21, 2016 and will become effective March 29, 2017. This bill amended five sections and added one section to the Part 213...

Feb 16

Experts Corner: Three Trends Shaping Commercial Real Estate in 2017

Every year around January and February, the focus of the conversation at regional and national conferences includes the state of the economy and forecasts for the future.  As we enter...

Jan 26

Experts Corner: Michigan Brownfield Incentives Keep Getting Better

A recently signed group of Senate bills promises developers in Michigan more latitude in obtaining Brownfield funding.  Key provisions of SB 908-913 expand the types of activities that...

Nov 14

Why do I need to worry about vapor intrusion?

Why do I need to worry about vapor intrusion?

Vapor intrusion results from chemical vapors emanating from contaminated soil or groundwater that impacts the indoor air of a...

Oct 21

Common Misconceptions about Asbestos

Whether you are planning on renovating an older building or demolishing a structure to make way for something new, it is important to consider the presence of asbestos.