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April 7, 2010
Feb 19

New Jersey Property Owners Can Now Contest a Spill Lien on Their Property

New administrative guidance has been released to clearly define the Spill Act Lien and outline the procedures for property owners to contest a lien. The Spill Compensation and Control...

Feb 3

Experts Corner: Solar Energy and Better Nutrition Top 2016 Brownfield Trends

This year, the EPA’s Brownfield Grant Program will have $30 million more than last year to spend to revitalize abandoned, underused and potentially contaminated sites. The $110 million...

Jan 30

What is the difference between an Environmental Transaction Screen (ETS) and a Phase I ESA?

What is the difference between an Environmental Transaction Screen (ETS) and a Phase I ESA?

Environmental Transaction Screens (ETS) are a voluntary procedure...

Jan 13

Do Environmental Consultants Have to be Licensed? Not in Michigan!

You have to be licensed through Michigan’s office of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) to cut hair or install a drinking water well. While we’ve all had bad haircuts, it isn’t as...

Nov 13

Snack Food that Cleans Up Contaminated Groundwater

Who likes to eat snacks?  Short answer is most of us.  The long answer includes two types of naturally occurring bacteria that are capable of reducing concentrations of contaminants in...

Sep 24

Perspectives on the Michigan Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund

(Published - Michigan Banker - September 2015) - Since being signed into law in December of 2014, the Michigan Underground Storage Tank (UST) Cleanup Fund has been met with...

Jul 31

Protecting Children from Dangerous Lead Exposure

Lead is a naturally occurring element and is found in virtually every part of the environment. But with high amounts of exposure to lead-based products, your child’s health may be put at...

Jul 10

Surprising Ways Your Company Could Qualify for Brownfield Funding

Thought your property had to be contaminated to be considered for Brownfield funding or qualify for tax incentives? Think again.

Though a significant portion of governmental tax...

Nov 30

A Closer Look at the ASTM E1527-13 Changes

The ASTM Standard for conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESAs) has been revised.  It has been 8 years since E-1527 was last updated.  The 2013 changes, which are effective...

Nov 13

Are changes to the ASTM Phase l ESA going to impact your business?

New Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Standard Issued

ASTM issues 1527-13 Standard on November 6, 2013  

How will the ASTM E1527 affect...