Case Studies
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Case Studies By: Due Diligence

The Dream of Korea Town

You’ve probably heard of Greektown and Mexican Town, Detroit, but have you heard of Korea Town, Southfield? You probably haven’t, and with good reason. It doesn’t exist yet. It is currently a plan in the mind of Mr. Yong Yi of SLT Holdings, LLC. This plan is being realized quickly, however. “...

Mill Street Towns, Plymouth, Michigan

In Plymouth, Michigan, a long-vacant and blighted property sits between the city’s downtown and the historic Old Village, just half a mile from each. The 15-acre property is the site of the former Bathey Manufacturing Co., which closed shop in the late 1980s. After years of plans and proposals...

Campbell County, Tennessee

Campbell County, Tennessee, is a rural population with just over 40,000 citizens, located in the Tennessee coalfields of the eastern third of the state. Coal-mining has historically made up a massive amount of the county’s economy, but today their coal industry faces challenges with the decline...