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Emergency Response & Remediation, Fort Payne, Alabama

Immediate action was required when petroleum released into a stream in Fort Payne, Alabama this past spring. PM Environmental discovered the active, on-going petroleum release while stopping by the facility on the way to another project site. Due to the quick thinking and situational awareness of PM staff, the release was responded to within minutes instead of days. PM provided initial response actions including deployment of a containment boom to mitigate effects to the creek and a vacuum truck onsite within hours to recover product, which provided 24/7 coverage of the site for two weeks to prevent product from reaching a nearby creek. PM also assisted with digging an interceptor trench and the installation of proprietary devices to recover product flowing along the top of the bedrock before it reached the creek. Additionally, PM secured regulatory approval and funding for expedited DPVE system purchase and installation, conducted high-resolution site characterization (HRSC) with LIF/UVOST technology to locate the extent of the plume, and installed a network of 14 wells for monitoring and recovery efforts.

PM is currently completing on-going activities which include daily site visits consisting of well gauging for product thicknesses and Mobile Enhanced Multiphase Extraction (MEME) events as needed to control the product while awaiting DPVE system arrival and installation.

Services Provided

  • Emergency Response (Site Stabilication, Initial Abatement, Free Product Recovery)
  • Site Characterization (High Resolution Site Characterization, Soil Borings, Monitoring Well Installation, Recovery Well Installation)
  • Remediation (MEME - Mobile Enhanced Multiphase Extraction Events, Planning and Corrective Action Reporting
  • Reimbursement