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Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, and UST Removal and Remediation for the Gasoline Dispensing Station located in Miami, Florida

PM Environmental, Inc. was retained to conduct environmental due diligence services associated with a gasoline dispensing station acquisition to be redeveloped as a financial center.

A Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment was completed on the property to identify Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs), and to provide information regarding the environmental compliance status of existing underground storage tanks (USTs).

Based upon the results of the Phase I and Phase II ESAs, along with the previous outstanding issues, PM was asked to prepare a plan of action to address all the issues identified on the property.  PM also negotiated with the regulatory agencies in order to allow PM’s plan for remediation.  These negotiations also helped in securing building permits so that redevelopment of the property may commence to meet the client’s schedule.

PM also prepared a scope of work and schedule to complete the removal of existing USTs, lines and dispensers in order to commence with site remediation of impacted soil and groundwater. PM implemented the remediation activities with UST removal activities.   PM is managing these activities at the request of the client to ensure that all remediation activities were in accordance with the client’s guidelines as well as all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

All remediation activities have been completed.  The tanks have been removed and transported off site; source removal activities were completed to address the impacted soil and groundwater.