Asbestos Services
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Whether you are planning on renovating an older building or demolishing a structure to make way for something new, it is important to consider the presence of asbestos.

Asbestos exposure is a severe health risk that can potentially lead to conditions like mesothelioma, lung cancer and other types of asbestos-related cancer.

Federal and state regulations typically require asbestos surveys and inspections be completed on projects at institutional, commercial or industrial buildings undergoing renovations or demolition.

PM Environmental provides systematic and tailored asbestos surveys, assessments and proactive management of asbestos containing materials (ACM).

Our team has extensive experience in performing comprehensive asbestos surveys including asbestos screenings, pre-demolition asbestos surveys, and pre-renovation asbestos surveys. Our team of professionals maintain certifications including Certified Industrial Hygienists, Licensed Asbestos Inspectors, NIOSH Technicians Certified in Asbestos Fiber Counting, Management Planners, Project Designers and Contractor/Supervisors.

  • Comprehensive ACM Surveys to facilitate renovation or demolition of industrial, commercial, residential, municipal, and institutional structures
  • Total project management including the preparation of bidding specifications for ACM removal and/or in-place management, administration of bidding process, oversight of removal/management activities, third-party air monitoring, and documentation of compliance with project specifications and local, state and federal regulations
  • Asbestos negative exposure assessments
  • Operations and Maintenance Programs
  • Asbestos related services for K-12 schools to achieve compliance with state and federal regulations, including preparation of Asbestos Hazardous Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Management Plans, six month surveillances and three year inspections

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