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Building Energy Performance Assessments
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Energy efficiency disclosure of commercial buildings is now being required by most states. Therefore, more purchasers, commercial real estate professionals, and property owners are understanding the value of energy assessments not just due to their regulatory requirements, but also because the initiatives actually work.

PM Environmental provides energy auditing services by qualified Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Raters and Building Performance Institute (BPI) Analysts.  PM’s analysis of a property offers an accurate assessment of the building as it performs today and practical, cost-effective solutions for how the building can perform better with the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

PM’s team of engineers, architects, and LEED professionals specialize in a variety of energy services, including energy audits and Building Energy Performance Assessments (BEPA).

Building Energy Performance Assessments (BEPA) provides another method to assess the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. It was created to standardize the process of assessing the energy efficiency of a building for the purposes of pre-transaction disclosure. Lenders want to understand the property’s operating costs, and building purchasers want to know the property’s energy consumption.

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